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Digital printing is a process of using digital or electronic files from computer or other digital storage devices as a source. Digital printing won’t use press plates or setup bedding in the printing process. With the advancement in the technology and in printing techniques, digital printing has replaced all other printing techniques in markets.

Advantages of Digital printing :

There are many benefits associated with digital printing. They are as follows


  • Provides top quality with lower cost.
  • Distortion of images won’t occur.
  • Elimination of heavy printing machinery.
  • Reduces time and efforts of Digital printing process.
  • Short run printing capability.
  • More number of design graphics in printing than ever before.


Digital printing in Malaysia:

Dot2dot utilizes Digital printing techniques to produce high quality attractive digital images. With the evolution of digital printing technology, we provide highest quality and it is the perfect place for your digital printing project in Malaysia. Our high range printer equipment fulfills the challenging needs of customer’s at the most effective manner. We all exceed print Malaysia client’s expectations by combining creativity, quality and provide digital printing services at affordable prices on time. Thus, our company is able to provide the clients on demand digital printing services.


We also offer online printing solutions to approach people in printing Malaysia. The services offered by us are flatbed printing, on demand digital printing, digital printed wallpapers, exquisite photo books, box up signage etc.

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