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In 2004, our company’s nature of business is related to printer, designer and also its related business. We have been providing numerous printing services including digital inkjet printing, digital cut and route, bunting, banner, billboard, poster, car wrap, backdrop, photo book and also general printing.

With more than 10 years’ experience, we are now realized the importance of software development and online business due to countless of business opportunities. We have a special division specialized on developing online software for printing industries.

The software that we build is to be commercialized for domestic market as well as international. Our intention is to become one of the best market leaders in Malaysia that provides printing service. Currently, we are developing an Online Photo book Software Development and also Web to Print Software Development.

1.Online Photo book Software Development

Since 2014, our company’s founder had received a number of inquiries from our clients to develop online software which could personalize all products which include photo books. This photo book software offers an easy and fun way to create a customizable photo book, canvas print, card, and calendar as well as premium box on the web for free.

Customers who are using our photo book software are able to choose our designs or start from scratch to create their own unique photo book. They can move, crop, rotate, pan and zoom on photos, add stickers and backgrounds and also create custom layouts. Once they have done creating their own photo book using online software, they can submit to us for printing and manufacturing.
We are just started to develop our photo book software and we are indeed in need a lot of professional hands to develop and maintain this software.

2.Web to Print Software Development

Printing business becomes ordinary when no new inventions have been made by the company. With competitive business market nowadays, customers are demanding faster and quicker printing jobs regardless of run lengths and products so our company must be accessible and efficient at all times. Now, we are enhancing our ordinary and traditional printing business into the future trend which called “Web to Print”.

Our “Web to Print Software” acts like a bridge between Designers, Manufacturers and Customers who are searching to purchase these products and services online. This software allows customers to submit orders online at any time using any computers. They can design their own products such as t-shirts, mugs, bottles, boxes, books, business cards and many other printed products. They also can create their own shops selling their own products by using their own ideas and creativity. In other words, our “Web to Print Software” serves as a comprehensive marketplace that selling numerous printing products to all consumers via online.

Our company acknowledges the benefits of Web to Print Software as it can generate more revenue opportunities and open up new line of business. Printers like us can simplify the online print ordering and tracking processes by offering a personalized experience to our customers. So, they can happily design their own products and let us print for them.

We are confident that this new design tool application/software can increase the company’s revenue by providing our on-line visitors with the ability to purchase personalized items by using their own designs.